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Spend Little $ and get

High Performance MRI/PET/BLI

Simultaneous PET/MRI with M7™ Compact High-Performance MRI System

For $699K
699000.00 USD

Complete package includes:

  • M7 Compact MRI system for imaging of Mice and Rats
  • SimPET insert for M7, simultaneous PET/MRI Imaging  
  • Integrated mouse handling system with body coil (50mm length and 30mm diameter) 
  • Integrated Rat handling system with Rat body coil (90mm length and 60mm elliptic inner diameter)
  • Heated water circulator pump
  • Physiological Monitoring System Advanced Kit
  • Isoflurane-based anesthesia system

Optional accessories (select relevant options):

TOTAL: 699000.00699000.00 USD