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High Performance MRI/PET/BLI

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Compact, High-Performance MRI Systems

  • Aspect has created a paradigm shift in pre-clinical phenotyping using MRI:
  • Flexible, affordable and easy-to-use in vivo MR imaging systems for pre-clinical research
  • Affordable MRI solutions enable you to create quantitative 3D whole body images
  • Simple to install, intuitive and user-friendly, convenient and accessible
  • Extending conventional toxicology with the 3D MR-based histology system for automated, ex vivo, high-throughput analysis

Compact MRI for Dedicated Mouse and Rats Imaging

  • The M3™ compact, high-performance, one-touch MRI system  is intended for dedicated imaging of mice. 
  • The M7™ compact, high-performance, one-touch MRI system is intended for dedicated imaging of mice and rats weighing up to 700 grams.  

These compact, high-performance MRI systems enable to generate high-resolution 3D anatomical, functional and molecular images with a "bore” size optimized for mice and rats. The systems can be uniquely placed behind the bio-containment barrier for in vivo imaging. In addition to their comprehensive suite of applications for mouse phenotyping, Aspect Imaging’s LumiQuant™ package for generation of 3D tomographic quantification of luminescence and co-registration with compact MR is optimized for use on the M3 platform.