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High Performance MRI/PET/BLI

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About Aspect

Aspect Imaging is the world’s leader in the design and development of Complete Point-of-Care compact MRI system solutions for medical and preclinical markets and applications. 

Unique Technology

  • Patented, 1-1.5 Tesla High-Performance Permanent Magnet technology platform
  • Self-shielded MRI system with Practically Zero external magnetic field: 
  • MRI can be placed at any point-of-care almost without any limitations – a game changer!  
  • No need for RF-Shielded or special room!
  • Affordable systems – low cost of ownership, negligible maintenance cost
  • MRI application built around the patient/application
  • Superb image quality at the same level of a 1.5-3 Tesla whole body MRI
  • Intuitive, user-friendly, and can be operated by care providers with little training
  • Smaller, lighter, non-cryogen MRI systems using standard power outlet 

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